Enhance Indo - Qatar Trade & Professional Relations by Empowering Indian Businesses & Professionals.


To be the preferred platform to empower Indian Business Persons & Professionals by creating enrichment opportunities.

About IBPC

A non-profit organization and Apex body under the Embassy of India, IBPC provides a platform for Indian businesses and professionals to enhance Indo-Qatar trade and professional relations.

IBPC acts as a platform to introduce Indian businesses and professionals to opportunities that project their expertise and strengths in various disciplines for prospective alliances with business & trade organizations operating in Qatar.

It also aims to provide a reciprocal interface for business and trade organizations established in Qatar to explore business & networking opportunities in India.

Value Proposition

Provide a platform to Engage, Encourage and Empower professionals and businesses in India and Qatar. We create enrichment opportunities by organizing networking opportunities, events, exhibitions, maintaining digital platforms and catering to service requests.

IBPC roadmap to enhancement of Indo-Qatar professional and business relations is by empowerment of its members. Enhancement by empowerment is acheived by:

  • Encouraging the community to step forward and participate in business and professional activities envisaged by the leadership of India and Qatar.
  • Educating members through networking and development opportunities.
  • Engagement between Indian and Qatari peers in different areas of mutual interest.
  • Creating Enriched working environments where they are Empowered to build on opportunities offered by both countries.
  • Empowered communities, we strongly believe will Enhance the levels and benefits of Indo-Qatar trade & professional relations.

How We Are Organised

Professional Members

The Indian community has the largest pool of professionals in Qatar. We look to Engage with this extremely qualified talent pool to cross learn, collaborate and empower each other through different IBPC events, activities and initiatives. If you are a Professional, join us in this journey of Enrichment.

Corporate Members

With over 6000 Indian companies in various sectors, supporting the Qatar success story, IBPC looks to create opportunities to further build on this strong foundation to enhance Indo Qatar business relations. As a Corporate entity, you can join us to take advantange of these opportunities.

IBPC Associated Organisations

To cater to the diverse range of professionals & business, IBPC encourages the creation of focused Associated Organizations (AOs) for Professionals and Corporates who share similar technical backgrounds or common business interests.


As an apex body operating under the Aegis of the Embassy of India, Qatar, IBPC has a governance model to reflect the professionalism and corporate structures required to delivery the IBPC Vision, Mission and Value Proposition.

Why join IBPC ?


Access a diverse group of professionals and businesspersons to create new opportunities and co-create ideal solutions.


It's not just WHO you know, It's who KNOWS YOU. Networking with IBPC is Powerful.


Strengthen your business or professional skills. Learn by doing. Become a Mentor or Mentee.


Gain access to member exclusive knowledge resources to help you grow your Business/Career.

Cross learning

Expand your view while interacting with industry experts and focus groups from different fields.

Shape your community

Volunteer and play your part as an ambassador of Brand INDIA in the business and professionals community of Qatar.


Benefit from increased positive perception and trust amongst the business community, professionals and decision makers.


Engage with members. Find the right referrals that you need.


Receive exclusive news on events and opportunities, making you an industry insider.


Have your voice heard as IBPC engages with stakeholders on behalf of the community’s professionals & businesspersons.


Connect with your target audience. Build your personal & business brand.


Patron - Ambassador of India.
  • Providing vision in alignment with Government of India.
Coordinating Officer (COO) - Counsellor, Embassy of India.
  • Liaison between Embassy & IBPC Leadership ( Board of Governors & Executive Committee Members).
Board of Governors (BoG).
  • 1 - Define 3-4 yrs Strategy, Objectives & Key Performance Indicators.
  • 2 - Approval of Calendar of Events & Budget.
  • 3 - Monitoring of Executive Committee Performance.
  • 4 - Mentoring to Executive Committee Members.
Executive Committee (ExCom).
  • 1 - Define and execute operational objectives and initiatives to achieve KPIs.
  • 2 - Implementation of calendar of events.

Board of Governors

JK Menon
Sunil Talwar
Rakesh Sanghvi
Nishad Azeem
Sujata Varma
Dhanapal Antony
Thaha Muhd. Abdul Kareem

Executive Committee

Jaffer Us Sadik

Leads the Executive Committee to deliver objectives approved by the Board of Governors.

K.P Ashraf
Vice President (Strategic Relations)

Builds relations between Qatari and Indian trade, economic and development related decision-making bodies.

Rupalakshmi Setty
Vice President (Finance & Investments)

Enables investment opportunities between India and Qatari businesses. Manages IBPC Finances.

Abdul Sathar
Vice President (Professionals Affairs)

To enable and empower Professional members through networking, education and exposure.

P.A. Lathesh
Vice President (SME & Corporate Affairs)

To enable and empower Small, Medium and Corporate Businesses.

T.V. Santhosh
Vice President (Assoc. Orgn. Affairs)

To coordinate the strengths of the AOs to deliver value to the Business and Professionals community.

Manoj Megchiani
Vice President (PR & Communications)

Builds Branding, Communications & Social Media presence for Indo-Qatari business and professional relations.

Hisham Abdul Raheem
Vice President (Education & Research)

Enables sharing of expertise, knowledge & business intelligence between businesses, professionals and other stakeholders.

Associated Organisations

IBPC is proud to have the following professional and business specific Associated Organizations (AOs) as part of the IBPC team !! We Encourage members of the community to Engage with the AOs of their interest.

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    Doha Chapter of ICAI

    Doha Chapter of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India LLC(G) is registered with Qatar Financial Center since 2016. It is managed through its constitution and by an elected eight members executive committee. The objective is to help in better equipping members of the Chapter and other finance professionals for discharging their obligations. Mr. Nirlep Bhatt is the current chairman.


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    B2B Network

    B2B network was initiated 26 Jan 2019 with an objective to Encourage and Support fellow Entrepreneurs and Professionals add Value Business through mutual support. The services provided by B2B Network involves Contribution to needy people in Qatar, conducting trainings to Entrepreneurs & Professionals and conducting training in schools as part of service to the society. Mr. Muhammed Kallat is the current president B2B Network.


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    Qatar Association of Indian Dentist (QAID)

    Qatar Association of Indian Dentists was established in 2015 and affiliated with IBPC in 2018. The mission of QAID is to bring together all Indian Dentists in Qatar under one umbrella. The main objective of Qatar Association of Indian Dentists is to address the issues of Indian Dentists in Qatar, for continued education programs, to have casual family gathering and for other activities. Active members are more than 200. Dr. Rancin Mohammed is the current President of QAID.


Business Services

Stakeholder's Message

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    Vipul –

    Ambassador of India to Qatar

    It has been a pleasure for me and our Embassy to support and collaborate with Indian Business and Professionals Council (IBPC), Qatar. This is the pre-eminent platform for connecting businessmen and professionals from all parts of India who are currently in Qatar.

    I am happy that over the years IBPC has been instrumental in providing networking opportunities and organizing business events for the benefit of the Indian community. These events and activities have also played a key part in taking forward the trade and investment relations between India and Qatar.

    I convey my best wishes to the Governing Council and Executive Committee as well as all members of IBPC for the future.

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    J K Menon

    Chairman (Board of Governors)

    Those individuals leading successful organizations, especially professional bodies, nurse an array of dreams about the future of their forums.
    It is rightly said that dreams are the gateways to a prospective future. Mere dreams do not bring success; success is the result of pragmatic objectives and persuasions. I, like many others, too have set some goals, and look forward to turning some of such thoughts into realistic achievements of IBPC.

    I long to see IBPC as one of the most vibrant and acclaimed organizations of its kind in Qatar, and make it more endearing to those looking at it with a lot of hope and expectations. The prime focus would be to set an agenda that upholds our defined mission and vision to attain our collective goals. I’m sure that IBPC will be the much sought after business platform in the State of Qatar.

    Business is not about trade alone, rather it is an act of fostering healthy human relationships. The State of Qatar is always pursuant to expand its economy, by promoting entrepreneurs in diverse fields of business. In this wake, we need to remind ourselves that better results are possible only through teamwork and collective initiatives.
    The path to success is not failing each other in the race, instead, it is about moving together and lending a helping hand to those in need. Let us all work in unison to deliver the best and to reflect the ethical principles of true business.
    I hereby offer my highest regards for all the upcoming endeavors of this fabulous forum.

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    Jaffer Us Sadik


    First and foremost, we are a Council dedicated and committed to support our Indian owned and Indian managed Business Community, as well as our most valuable assets – our hardworking Indian Professionals in Qatar.

    As the world’s 6th largest economy by nominal GDP, and the 3rd largest by purchasing power parity (PPP), India shows promise of consistent long-term growth due to its young educated population, corresponding low dependency ratio, healthy savings, best investment rates, increasing globalisation, and rapid integration into the global economy.

    India is the world’s #1 manufacturer of Generic Drugs, #2 globally in food and agricultural production, and #3 in construction and real estate sector. Therefore it is also my honor to represent India in Qatar and showcase the vast opportunities India has to offer.

    My mission and vision is to promote these opportunities, by strengthening Indo-Qatar Trade Relations, by intensifying bilateral Trade and Investments, while looking after the interests of our Indian Business and Professional Community in Qatar, so that we may all benefit from this effort. With these objectives, my Team and I shall strive to make IBPC the most active and the most recognized Trade Council in QATAR.