• Enhancing Relations

    Empowering Businesses and Professionals to build on the strong Indo Qatar relations.

  • Enriching Capabilities.

    Educating Indian Professionals and Businesses to become the most competent and respected expatriate community in Qatar.

  • Engaging the Community

    Encouraging the Indian talent pool to cross learn, collaborate and co-develop opportunities with the Qatari business and professional community.

  • The Preferred Platform

    To Engage with Indian Businesses and Professionals in Qatar.


About IBPC

  • A Non-profit organization and apex body under the Embassy of India, IBPC provides a platform for Indian businesses and professionals to enhance Indo-Qatar trade and professional relations. Read more

  • IBPC provides a platform to engage, encourage and empower professionals and businesses in India and Qatar. We create enrichment opportunities by organizing networking opportunities, events, exhibitions and catering to service requests. Read more

  • As a professional or business owner, join us as we enhance brand India, encouraging the community to become the most competent and respected expatriate community in Qatar. Be a brand ambassador, give back to the community as a trainer, mentor or consultant. Read more

  • Request IBPC for organizing events that help you grow, identify ideas that need to be implemented & opportunities that need to be realized. Ask for consultation support if you are not sure where to go. Read More

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What does IBPC provide ?
A platform to Engage, Encourage and Empower Professionals and Businesses in India and Qatar
  • Collaboration

    Access a diverse group of professionals and businesspersons to create new opportunities and co-create ideal solutions.


    It's not just WHO you know, It's who KNOWS YOU. Networking with IBPC is Powerful.


    Strengthen your business or professional skills. Learn by doing. Become a Mentor or Mentee.


    Gain access to member exclusive knowledge resources to help you grow your Business/Career.

    Cross learning

    Expand your view while interacting with industry experts and focus groups from different fields.

    Shape your community

    Volunteer and play your part as an ambassador of Brand INDIA in the business and professionals community of Qatar.

  • Credibility

    Benefit from increased positive perception and trust amongst the business community, professionals and decision makers.


    Engage with members. Find the right referrals that you need.


    Receive exclusive news on events and opportunities, making you an industry insider.


    Have your voice heard as IBPC engages with stakeholders on behalf of the community’s professionals & businesspersons.


    Connect with your target audience. Build your personal & business brand.

  • Article

    It has been a pleasure for me and our Embassy to support and collaborate with Indian Business and Professionals Council (IBPC), Qatar.

  • Article

    Those individuals leading successful organizations, especially professional bodies, nurse an array of dreams about the future of their forums.

  • Article

    First and foremost, we are a Council dedicated and committed to support our Indian owned and Indian managed Business Community,


IBPC acknowledge the generous contribution of the companies towards the new premises
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